It’s amazing how expressive we become when we are tired or exhausted, mentally and physically. Not saying that my previous blogs from last night weren’t true or written from the heart, because they couldn’t have been more real – they might as well have been written in blood. I was feeling quite exhausted of everything and decided to write… It really helps, you know! It’s quite therapeutic.

However, after a nice sleep and rest of the soul, I read back my ramblings and as I said, they are true but they are also very pessimistic. I’m glad I wrote them purely to get it off my chest, so that now, I can move on. This morning, I feel very optimistic and excited about the future and haven’t really given this guy a second thought.

It turns out that life happens, in good and bad ways, the trick is to keep focused on what you are doing, otherwise you’ll get knocked off your path. Learn from the bad and absorb the good, every single second of it.

As I realise now, there are so many good things in this world that we forget about and take for granted. Bad things happen, it’s just part of life. Seeing the good in the bad is the key though. It’s such a hard thing to do but it can be done. If I can start to do it, anyone can! All you need to do is analyse what happened. Sit down and think, and I mean really think. What did you do, what did others do, why do you think it happened, what could you have done differently, what have you learnt, what good things came out of it?

Once you see the good in the bad, things start to feel a bit better and the dark clouds seem to lift slightly. The good things are the only things that can drive you onwards and upwards, towards your goal. Bad things will only drag you down, further and further. It takes a decision, a choice, a split moment when you realise that you deserve better than that.

The past really is the past and despite wanting to change it, there is nothing anyone can do. That’s just something we all have to accept. But everything happens for a reason, and that reason becomes your foundations, holding you strong and steady for when you reach the top.

Having that positive slant on life makes everything a lot more exciting and appealing, and the furthest place you can fall always has a way back to where you began. Things can never be that bad, not if you don’t let them. Every black hole offers an opportunity to prove what you’re made of, and it will only make you stronger in the end.

I look forward to more bad experiences, because I know how important they are in life. I look forward to the next guy who tries to mess me around, or the next company who doesn’t want to employ me, the next person who doesn’t like what I do, the next time life gets really difficult when it gets really, really hard to breathe and nothing makes sense anymore. I live for those moments because they made my future so much better than anything I could ever have dreamed of.

“I’ll get there if it kills me..” – Young Guns


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