So, what’s new? Erm well, I have a fantastic career and I’m on the path to success, both financially and personally, I have everything I could ever dream of, I have the world at my feet and I have new-found confidence and most importantly, I can realise that all this really does exist. This is no longer a dream, this is reality. What the hell? Why have I spent most of my life not believing it will never happen? WHY?! It will happen, because I’ll make it happen.

Changes are good but this is great. It’s having the confidence to walk down the street without thinking everyone staring at me and judging me. It’s being able to go clothes shopping without feeling like I don’t deserve these amazing clothes. It’s having the faith that no matter what, I’m going to be successful.

I had a goal to be better, to be able to get a job and keep it, to be able to live a normal life and I hit it, but you know what? That’s not enough for me anymore. I want more. I want the world, I want success. I don’t want to be in a comfortable job, on a comfortable wage… for the rest of my life. I want to be out of my comfort zone as much as possible, learning and growing and developing along the way. I want to feel so uncomfortable that the ONLY way to stop it is to make it comfortable, to make it natural. What other option is there? There is no escape anymore. I want this more than ever and I actually believe that it will happen, because it will.

Going from where I was to where I am now has been such a journey but believe me, this is just the beginning. There is so much more to come. I’m only performing at 30% so far and gradually building my confidence back up… just wait until I’m at 100%! Ohhh, just you wait! I’m so excited! It doesn’t even matter what happens or who tries to stop me because there is absolutely nothing in this world that means more to me. I am important and I will achieve success. And then, I can turn around to everyone who doubted me or anyone who tried to stop me and say look at me now. I’m living the life I deserve, I’m helping out my friends and family and other people with the extremely hard work that I put in right now.


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