I cried, I cried so much last night. My eyes were literally flooded with tears as I fell asleep. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop it. I missed him so much it physically hurt. My ribs were sore from the straining and my eyes were stinging, I was curled up in a ball. I was like a vulnerable child but I knew that if I had to be strong throughout the entire day, at least I can act like a child whilst I’m falling asleep. No one could see or hear, it was just me and my thoughts. However, my thoughts were just full of him. It was as if he was telling me off for being so silly, like he knew I was stronger than this. All I wanted was him there with me, one last time. To feel his presence, to hear his voice, to ruffle his soft hair, to stare into his amazing blue eyes, to hear him say ‘you’re beautiful’… just one last time. A few minutes, wrapped up in my thoughts and emotions, and suddenly the tears stopped.

And today, guess what? That same person contacted me…. Not going to lie, it made my day.


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