So here’s just a little thought whilst I’m in bed about to go to sleep. What happens if all you’ve ever dreamt of disappears? What if dreams are just that, just figments of our imagination. What then?

What if the one person you wanted in your life wasn’t around? But you knew they should be. You knew where they were and it’d only take one phone call to get them back in your lives, would you? Would you take that risk, or simply move on and try to forget that gaping hole that opened up inside you.

This isn’t about love or life, this is just a mere question. What would you do to get that one person back? And we all have one. As everyone reads this, someone will appear in their mind. Someone who means the world to you, someone who appears in your dreams, someone who crosses your mind every single day, someone who deserves a second chance. Whether it’s your brother, sister, father, mother, ex boyfriend or girlfriend, or just a friend, when someone special comes along, you have to hold onto them very tightly. And sometimes, they’re wretched away from you within a heartbeat. Go get them back. People are important in this life. Without them, we are nothing.

It may take moments or a whole lifetime but if someone’s worth fighting for, then don’t give up. And that’s the important thing, make sure they are actually worth fighting for. Don’t waste your time on shitrats (as I like to call them). And if they are worth all this time and effort, they’ll find their way back to you eventually. I’m a firm believer in karma and fate, so trust your instincts and make it happen.

Sweet dreams.


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