And just when you think someone can’t get worse, they show their true colours. Despite knowing the truth all along, this came as a bit of a shock. It’s surprising how blind we become when we think we’re in love, but that definitely wasn’t love.

I’m so glad I stood up to you; I feel so much braver now. I’m glad that I didn’t choose to make the biggest mistake of my life by getting involved with you, even for just one moment. And if I had, I’m afraid to say, I wouldn’t be any better than your sorry self. I pity you sometimes.

I would love to call you every name under the sun, in absolute rage at the fact that you turned out to be a scumbag, but I can’t be bothered anymore. This has dragged on for too many years now, but this ends now. I’m moving on, definitely without you, and the time when I thought I needed you no longer exists… thank god. I don’t have the effort to argue, and in all honesty, you’ve made my decision so much easier.

So I have feelings for someone else now, and you have a girlfriend. Life is moving on, and you must know that me and you are never ever going to happen. There is no me and you. I’m as single and free as any girl could ever be, and I love it. I’m not sad about you anymore, and I don’t wish that you’d feel the same because frankly, I can say that I don’t have many feelings left for you anymore. They disappeared the moment you thought you could take me for a fool, time and time again. The absolute nerve of you.

I’m not angry at you though, and if anything, you’ve made me stronger. The fact that we were never meant to be just shows that there is someone out there who will be the perfect match. Gone are the times I thought you were the one, and the only one, because you understood me.

And although we’ve had so many goodbyes over the years, some for months and some for days, I promise you this is the end. I’ve moved on now and I’m ready to meet someone who actually appreciates me for who I am, not someone who plays mind games, is very inconsistent and cares more about themselves than anyone else.

So goodbye.


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