That moment when you’re sitting there, casually browsing the net and someone comes online that you want to talk to but yet don’t think you should. It may be Facebook, Twitter, Windows Messenger, Gmail chat etc. And you sit there for ages contemplating saying something but yet you don’t know what to say not to look stupid or desperate, and as time passes you feel even more stupid if you did say something. A simple ‘hi’ would be fine but somehow your brain gets all confused and decides to start a massive debate in your head! Perhaps it’s just a girl thing, who knows. So even though you’re sitting there still deciding what to type, you’re secretly hoping they’ll talk to you first to kill the awkwardness, but they don’t. They don’t even type a word so they obviously don’t want to talk to you, right? Wrong! They’re probably doing exactly the same thing at the other end, or they just might not be at the computer! ‘What is this weird, complex situation I’ve got myself into?’, you ask yourself, but in reality it’s not complex at all. JUST SAY SOMETHING! But no, you can’t face the awkwardness that would occur if they didn’t even reply so you decide not to and sign out. However, immediately after you’ve turned away, you realise that you should have just said hi.

Sometimes, we just have to face our fears and get on with it. What’s the worst that could happen? They don’t reply, which in all honesty isn’t that much of a big deal and at least you made the effort and kept your promises.


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