I think I may have neglected my blog for a while but it’s been a busy few weeks, getting home for the Easter holidays as well as getting back here too. Along the way, I experienced a lot of beach, my first parking fine (technically not mine but it was my fault so I had to pay it too), some revision (not as much as I should have done), voting for the first time as well as a coming and going, missing and spending with people.

I can say for sure, it has been an emotional few weeks, especially the last week. I don’t even know why, I was just worried about someone when it turns out that they don’t really appreciate it anyway. Admittedly, I may have been worried for no reason but still it hasn’t changed anything. I only have  2 words for them at the moment, I’ll let you guess what they are. Wow, we have such a love hate relationship! I never realised. Well maybe I did because it explains why they wind me up so often!

Exams are one of the most stressful times, especially when you can’t get in the mood you need to revise for them. The nagging thought of ‘you need to revise or you’ll fail’ is shoved to the back of your mind as you cram your time with stupid, unnecessary things such as facebook, drawing random things or putting on a mini fashion show. This might sound weird but I’m sure everyone has little quirky things they do to avoid doing more important things. And it doesn’t matter how much you tell yourself exams are more important (because that’s blatantly true), your mind gets distracted and as soon as you’ve looked away for a minute, three whole hours have passed by. Of course I don’t want to fail these exams but somehow the urge to put off revision has got so strong. That’s not saying I haven’t done any revision and I feel like I’m getting there with the facts of media law. Such fun!

Also, I don’t want to go on about this person who is annoying me at the moment because there is no point. They don’t read this and even if they did, they wouldn’t believe me when I said such things. However, after all this stress has gone away in a few weeks I’m getting away. A nice break is just what every student needs. Whether it’s exploring Portsmouth some more or sharing good times with the bestie in Canterbury, the whole week is something to look forward to. And one promise to myself that I have made is to not let them get to me.

My head says no, and yet my heart is dragging me closer to you every second of every day.


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