It’s strange how one night can make you see the rest of your life in such a different light.

One moment, one change.

One small event that changes your life forever.

That flash in time that may not have ever existed, but it did.

It happened, and now you’re different.

Different way of thinking, different way of doing things, creating things for a better life.

An illusion? Perhaps. A moment of fiction? Definitely not.

How do I go back? You can’t. What, never? NO.

Perhaps I don’t want to go back. Perhaps this is for the best.

Despite the fact that from now on, I will lose more than ever. Things that mean everything to me.

But if they’re not good for me, then that’s good, right? No?

Letting them go because they’ll never love you back.

A good or bad thing?

I’m losing the one thing in the whole world I’ve ever cared about.

Slipping away through my fingertips, and I have no idea how to get it back.

Back to how it was when everything was fine. Everything was pretty damn fine.

And now, it’s not fine. It’s not fine!

I can’t walk away.

I care too much, and I wish I didn’t.

It would hurt a hell of a lot less.


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